Moving Tips

Planning a move can be a stressful process and moving day can be overwhelming. Knowing what you need to get done (and in what order) will help to put your mind at ease for the big day.

Here is a moving day checklist to guide you through the process. Do yourself a favour and get organised in advance. Then come moving day, you will be ready to handle the whole ordeal, without worry or distraction.

  1. Clearly Mark and Set Aside Items You Don't Want Loaded.
    This will remind you to tell the driver what not to load as you conduct your preload walk-through. 

  2. Prepare with Children.
    You might also consider allowing your child to help fill the box of special items of they'll want to have nearby as soon as you arrive at your new home. Advise the driver that it will be one of the first to be unloaded. 

  3. Dump your Rubbish.
    Eliminate as much rubbish as you can before moving day. Many items that are considered flammable are not going to be loaded by the driver and crew. Understand what these items are so that you are not stuck trying to get rid of them at loading time. If you are not sure request a list from your removal company. 

  4. Reserve Your Spot.
    If you live in a congested area, ask some friends to park all of their vehicles one after another in a space close to your home and do not move them until the truck arrives. The closer the truck can get to your house, the better your chances are of not incurring an additional charge.

  5. Clear a Path.
    Make it safe and easy for you and your movers to get in and out of your house by removing all obstructions. 

  6. Point out Special Items.
    Set these items aside the day before the move. Then, once the mover arrives, point out items that are most special to you during the walk-through. Also, point out the boxes you would like to have unloaded first, if they are not going into storage. These boxes may include kitchen and bathroom items or your children's toys. 

  7. Take Care of Your Driver and Crew Members.
    Offer them a cup of team and/or pop out and get some breakfast rolls and order pizza for lunch. It is a nice gesture and will be warmly received. 

  8. Decide on Tipping Should you?
    It is completely up to you. Many individuals do tip the driver and let the driver decide what portion is appropriate to distribute to the crew. You decide! 

  9. Prep Your Movers
    Make sure you understand all the paperwork before the driver departs for your new home. If there is something that is confusing to you, ask your driver to explain it before you sign it. Provide the driver with your destination contact information. Take down any information the driver can provide, such as their mobile number. Ask the driver about their plans for delivering your items. Find out as many details as you can prior to the driver leaving your residence. 

  10. Make One Final Sweep.
    Take one last sweep of the house before the driver leaves. Look through all closets and shelves, the garage, the loft, your storage unit, under the stairs, on the walls and any other place things may be hiding. You do not want to find out, after the driver has left, that something was left behind.